The Rose Parade is an incredible display, full of joy, originality and color, where flowers are the protagonists of a beautiful celebration that thousands of people enthusiastically enjoy to welcome the new year.

What is the Rose Parade?

It is an internationally recognized American tradition, in which every first day of January, beautiful floats with incredible designs made with flowers parade and are part of a great event enlivened by musical bands that give a wonderful show.

The Tournament of Roses Parade is held every year in Pasadena, California. The show is broadcast on national and international television channels, due to its lavish coloring and the presentation of the complex designs that the dedicated participants display on their floats.

Usually, the parade takes place in a route of approximately 9 kilometers, where you can watch the passage of huge floats that slowly show their impressive designs made with thousands of flowers.

Why is it celebrated?

The beginnings of this beautiful tradition date back to 1890, when the first major parade was held in Pasadena, California, as an initiative to celebrate the unbeatable climate that reigns in the city throughout the year.

Initially, the parade featured beautiful horse-drawn carriages, displaying all varieties of locally produced flowers.

This idea grew and with the passage of time, it has become an incredible party that shows magnificent works with enormous structures full of creativity.

What is the Rose Parade about?

Today, the Rose Parade has evolved in an impressive way, showing floats that use technology to add movement, light and color, in creations full of life where a previously assigned annual theme is represented.

Attending the parade is considered a privilege, the organization of the event is impeccable, the spectators are located on both sides of the route to enjoy the passage of the floats and all the wonderful cultural displays that flood the Colorado Boulevard.

The event is also known as the Parada de las Rosas and takes place before the Rose Bowl, which is another deeply ingrained custom, where the best College Football teams measure their strength in the oldest tournament in this sporting discipline.

Every year event attendees enjoy top brass bands, energetic cheerleaders, dancers, and shows with skilled horsemen.

The amazing floats

Undoubtedly, all the attention of the parade is focused on the floats, which display spectacular displays. Thousands of flowers of different color, type and shape are used to represent a design on your float, referring to the theme that has been chosen especially for the particular year.

What is most striking about the floats participating in the parade is their large size and the detailed work that combines natural elements with mechanical structures, which results in an incredible floats of enormous dimensions.

There are tours that take place prior to the main parade, where the public can closely observe all the artistic work involved in making a float. These beautiful creations can be viewed closely, to enjoy all the wonderful details that make up the entire design.

The days before the parade the final preparation of the float is done, the last decorative touches are given, where the most delicate flowers, fruits, seeds and herbs are placed.

After hard work, floral design professionals and numerous volunteers verify the finishing touches and take pride in participating in one of the most popular and joyous traditions that kicks off the new year, the Rose Parade.

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