Meet the charm of Taichung, an amazing metropolis that combines typical elements of Taiwanese culture with spectacular architecture, it is a charming city that offers you a world of possibilities between natural beauty, modernism and tradition.

Taichung, the nerve center of Taiwan

Taichung is the second most populous city in Taiwan, it is located on the west coast of the island, where it has become a thriving region with a rising economy and a rich latent cultural heritage.

The city of Taichung has a warm subtropical climate, with an average temperature of 23 ° C. To the east, is the famous Taiwan Ridge, while the coastal plains are present in the south of the territory.

An important characteristic of Taichung is that it is only hit by typhoons occasionally, which are so frequent in that area of ​​the planet. This is due to the protection provided by the Cordillera Central and the Miaoli Hills.

Economic characteristics

Taichung is a fascinating city, which has centered the foundations of its economy on small businesses and thriving family businesses.

The growing economic impulse that the city has experienced in recent years has led to a significant growth in the industrial and retail commercial sector, which has a high demand for luxury items.

The construction of shopping malls, large department stores and luxury condominiums are signs of a booming economy.

The city has a Taichung World Trade Center, a place where industrial conventions are held, and there is also the Central Taiwan Science Park internationally recognized as having the headquarters of important semiconductor consortia.

Taichung is an important hub for small and large businesses. In the city there are factories of bicycles and their parts, which are exported around the world. There are also metalworking, sporting goods and shoe manufacturing industries.

Cultural centers

The cultural sample that Taichung offers is solid and diverse, the emblematic places that attract the public are the old palaces and mansions that have more than 200 years of history.

Taichung is home to many temples, some of modern construction and others are true architectural relics, including Chenghuang Temple, Zhenlan Temple and Zhang Liao Jia Temple, all preserved in their original form.

Tourists enjoy ancient traditions that contrast with modern urban planning and innovative architectural proposals.

Taichung is a city with a vibrant nightlife. When the sun goes down, it is customary to visit the night markets, among them, the most prominent is that of Feng Chia, which is indigenous and offers a variety of good quality products.

Yizhong Night Market is located in the northern part of the city, very close to the Taichung Park, it is very popular, it offers places of food and entertainment in pure local style.

The Taichung Folk Park is very popular for its way of exposing the customs of traditional Taiwanese life, in this area you will find rustic buildings that date back to a modest historical past and hard work.

Spectacular flora and fauna

Taichung Urban Parks are quiet places, where locals come to practice Tai Chi and breathe fresh air.

In Taichung you will find the National Museum of Fine Arts, which has interesting permanent exhibits and interactive exhibits for children.

The city has beautiful green areas, natural sanctuaries and peaceful gardens, which invite you to discover the magnificent native flora and fauna, which includes an incredible pond of lotus flowers, recreations of tropical forests and colorful aquariums.

The Kaomei wetlands are an especially popular place, here you will find a beautiful wooden walkway, which gives you the opportunity to observe beautiful native birds and spectacular sunsets. What are you waiting for? visit Taichung on your next trip and delight in its charm.