The Taichung World Flower Show 2018 was a wonderful and eye-catching show that delighted with its incredible variety of beautiful and lush species, all gathered in one imposing place, which was filled with natural life among colors and delicate dreamy petals.

A special event

Taichung is a magnificent city in Taiwan, fertile and original, which has a very pleasant climate and fertile lands that favor agricultural production and ornamental plants, among them, the various species of flowers are the ones that take center stage.

The 2018 Taichung World Flower Exhibition was a thematic event organized to demonstrate a vision of systematic and sustainable integration of the region, exposing the importance of giving value to the environment and living in a respectful way with nature.

The magnitude of this exhibition is enormous, which distributes its enchanting exhibition in three amazing places, located to the northwest of the city. The Houli Horse Ranch area together with the Forest Exposition, Waipu Park and Fengyuan Holudun, are 60 hectares of peaceful natural beauty.

The Taichung Exhibition has been planned with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of ecology, natural life, climate and the permanence of species, implementing technological innovations to promote the development of plant and animal species.

It should be noted that along with the exhibitions of incredible flowers, plants and trees, attendees enjoyed staging of cultural events of all kinds, numerous regional competitions and exhibitions that have the flower as a focal point were also held.

Houli Horse Ranch and Forest Exposition

Since November 2018, this section of the exhibition deals with ecosystems and the influence of living things on wildlife.

In the Forest Zone and the Equestrian Ranch, typical activities of the Houli area are exhibited, where you can live with equines and you can directly experience the beauty of the large trees in gardens with an exceptional creative design.

This area includes numerous exhibition halls, in addition to the inclusion of countries participating in an international high-level exhibition.

The most outstanding architectural work in the exhibition was the majestic sphere made up of thousands of mechanical flowers, undoubtedly a technological spectacle.

In Houli there is the Flowering Pavilion, with an unforgettable floral show that revolves around the orchid and the important aspects of its cultivation, development and evolution of its different species of this exotic flower.

Waipu Park

The theme that is addressed in this part of the exhibition refers to the production and cultivation of agriculture, ornamental plants and flowers, which are considered to be in greater demand.

In the sample from this area there are representations of the crops of the Waipu area, where the sustainable production of lilies, dancing orchids and other types of flowers is frequent. The most abundant fruits are lychee, dragon fruit, tangerine and ponkans.

Fengyuan Holudun Park

It is divided into 5 wonderful sectors, which exposes an ecological and diverse system, with floral landscapes, green areas, marine life, paths that follow a natural circulation similar to a charming forest, full of vines, shrubs and of course flowers.

In this part, emphasis is placed on the implementation of the recycling culture, in fact, there is the Bamboo Dome which is a structure allusive to ecology and friendliness with the environment.

Fengyuan Holudun Park uses the idea of ​​respectful coexistence, production with ecological horizons, where animal, plant, earth and people species remain in an environment of sustainable coexistence.

Now that you have learned more about this incredible event, we invite you to continue discovering about Taichung and the charm of its traditions. If you are a nature lover, plan your next trip to this destination and enjoy the experience.