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台中花博最後一個月 超夯打卡點別錯過

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更新時間 2019/03/29 10:26
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Taichung flora expo continues to draw in visitors since its opening, and it is now one month away from the closing ceremony on April 24. According to Information Bureau Director-General Huang-sheng Wu, picturesque sceneries can be seen throughout the 3 world flora expo sites, including the colossal musical mechanical flower “Sound of Blooming”; award-winning “An Eco-Friendly Home for Four”; flora themed “Blossom Pavilion”; “National Palace Museum New Media Gallery”, which features exhibits such as Jadeite Cabbage with Insects and Little Jadeite Cabbage; “Discovery Pavilion”, which introduces ecology found on the plains and the high mountains in Taiwan; “Harvest Blessings Pavilion” and “Agri-Tech and Conservation Pavilion”, which introduces quality agriculture; “Art Playground – Flowers Cradle” is brimming with children's attractions. Everyone is invited to take visit the highly popular check-in spots and take the opportunity to admire the rare international function.

What can you do at the flora expo? Director-General Wu suggested that the city hall has prepared a list of 10 major highlights around the 3 flora expo sites in Houli, Waipu, and Fengyuan. Particularly, the Discovery Pavilion from Houli Forest Expo Site is constructed from a green building material known as plastic bricks to create the see-through visual effect, allowing air and light to pass through freely. The structure blends in with the existing old tree, presenting the visitors with the rich ecology of Dajia River, ranging from the estuary at sea level to the top of Xue Mountain at an elevation of 3,886m. The awesome visual impact of the theater demonstration is complemented by controlled temperature and humidity within the pavilion to create the immersive experience of warm, humid air near the estuary and frigid atmosphere of the alpine forests on Xue Mountain.

Stepping out of the Discovery Pavilion, and one will see the massive smart interactive art installation “The Sound of Blooming”, measuring 15m in diameter, the largest mechanical flower on Earth consists of 697 mechanical flowers complete with interactive lights and sounds that respond to the changes in the environment, creating different sights during the day and at night that serve to portray the vibrant vivacity of blooming flowers.

The Amazing World of Taiwan Indigenous Cultures is inspired by the sun shooting legend of Atayal indigenous tribe in Taichung to convey the spirit of a balanced ecology. The “Palakaw traditional Amis fishing art and craft display area” and “Uhtan‘e ho mimimiyo tribal forest area” – both are ideal habitats for amphibious plant – have been designed in The Amazing World of Taiwan Indigenous Cultures to embody the splendid indigenous culture.

World Garden congregates 60 participants from 31 countries across 5 continents, and it is divided into the Europe region, America region, Africa region and Asia region. Europe region mainly communicates the concepts of ecology and eco-friendliness; for example, besides exhibiting windmills and bulbous root flowers, the Netherlands also created the first circular building in Taiwan. In the America, Africa, and Asia regions, visitors get to admire plenty of characteristic buildings complemented by landscape plantation to present each country's unique sentiments. Countries such as Palau, Solomon Islands, and the Marshall Islands utilize a combination of white sand, palm trees, and special cultural relics to present the tropical ambiance of island nations. The Taiwanese Garden is made of traditional red bricks to embody the hospitality of Taiwanese people and create a nostalgic environment.

Located inside the Houli Horse Ranch Expo Site, the Blossom Pavilion is one of the hottest check-in spots. Consisting of 2 round buildings integrated to form a figure 8-shaped looping architecture divided into 2 circular exhibition spaces. The smaller circle is the Orchid Hall, a greenhouse facility used for long-term orchid exhibition, depicting the development of Taiwan's orchid industry; the Competition Hall serves as a showcase of entrants created by domestic and international masters for floriculture competitions, demonstrating their superlative creative-design skills and the beauty of local floriculture.

National Palace Museum New Media Gallery is an interactive technology pavilion showcasing classic horse and flower-related cultural artifacts. In addition to the popular Jadeite Cabbage with Insects and Little Jadeite Cabbage, other collections including Giuseppe Castiglione's One Hundred Horses provide the visitors with an opportunity to view classic cultural artifacts up close.

Quintessential destinations in Waipu Expo Site include Harvest Blessings Pavilion and Agri-Tech and Conservation Pavilion. Harvest Blessings Pavilion features themes inspired by 4 mainstay crops in Taiwan, namely rice, fruits, mushrooms, and tea to present the story of the country's agriculture. Agri-Tech and Conservation Pavilion, on the other hand, features an exhibition of over 1,000 rare plants from Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center to create the Arc of Plants. Other exhibits at the popular check-in spot include rare native plants in Taiwan and the application of technology to agriculture.

Fengyuan Huludun Park Expo Site features the first glass garden in Taiwan inspired by the theme of Romantic Wedding, where an exclusive romantic wedding aisle is designed for the newlyweds. In particular, the Fantasy Wonderland draws inspiration from affection and kinship to design a wedding veil-themed art installation using different colored flowers, making it the first art installation in the country created with different species of flowers. Art Playground – Flowers Cradle in the 5th exhibition area of Huludun combines 4 waterfront landscapes and landscaping art to create the fantastic family venue that represents the Cradle of Flowers.

In addition, An Eco-Friendly Home for Four at the Houli Forest Expo Site has received repeated international acclaim including the 2018 London Design Awards Silver Award, 2018 New York Design Awards Silver Award, 2018 U.S. Architecture Master Prize Honorable Mention in the residence category, and recognition from renowned global design competition 2019 iF Design Award. Everyone is welcome to visit the forest expo site and find out the secret behind An Eco-Friendly Home for Four's international success.

According to the city hall, the number of Taichung flora expo visitors has exceeded the 6 million mark since its opening on November 3 last year. Starting from January 1 this year, Taichung citizens, new residents, and children under the age of 12 from around the world may attend the flora expo free of charge. The closing ceremony of the flora expo will be held on April 24, which is a mere month away, visitors from around the world are invited to seize the last chance of visiting the flora expo to appreciate the beauty of Taichung.