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忙碌現代人最需要的一份豪華! Hermes總經理盛讚台中花博之美

發表時間 2019/02/22 14:37
更新時間 2019/02/27 08:59
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Taichung flora expo continues to draw visitors from all over the world. Hermes Taiwan General Manager Chia-feng Cheng visited the Houli Forest Park Area with Hermes Petit H General Manager Caroline de Raidman and company yesterday (20th). According to Chia-feng Cheng, “This is the luxury so desperately needed by the busy modern people!” She added that the beauty of Mother Nature is priceless, and the flora expo has embodied Taiwan’s cutting technology and prowess in the form of art, sharing it with the rest of the world. This is a magnificent way to deliver the message that plants and the earth are quintessential to the human race.

Information Bureau stated that Hermes Taiwan General Manager Chia-feng Cheng, Hermes Petit H General Manager Caroline de Raidman, Creative Director Godefroy de Virieu, and Commercial Director Laurence Dejust traveled to the Houli Forest Park Area to visit the Discovery Pavilion, An Eco-Friendly Home for Four, A Seed from the Sky, AUO Micro Gallery, and The Sound of Blooming exhibits. The guests happily took selfies at different exhibit areas and praised the grandeur of Taichung flora expo.

Chia-feng Cheng commented that Taichung flora expo is unique from traditional flora expos in that it does not showcase a combination of different flowers. Instead, various exhibition areas are utilized to present the GNP (Green, Nature, People) philosophy of Taichung flora expo by integrating the most the advanced, interesting technologies in Taiwan with art. As the most discussed topic in the world today, GNP strives to educate people about the importance of plants and earth, where the concept of recycling and repurposing creates infinite room for imagination, and traditional techniques are applied to the modern lifestyle, making it safer and more eco-friendly – a truly fantastic achievement.

According to Chia-feng Cheng, Taiwan’s expertise, technology, and competitive advantages can be shared with the global community through art. She believes that it is a beautiful way to propagate the information. Before visiting The Sound of Blooming, she did some study on the exhibit in advance, and she was simply blown away by the awe-inspiring demonstration. She said that Taiwan should really be proud of such astonishing precision technology. AUO Micro Gallery, on the other hand, illustrates Taiwan’s remarkable display technology; through the screens, the monotonous pollination process of flowers is transformed into interesting, novel, and easy-to-understand knowledge for children to discover the secrets of plants.

“This is luxury so desperately needed by busy modern people!” Chia-feng Cheng praised the “A Seed from the Sky” exhibit, which is a minimalistic, breathing structure composed of bamboos, allowing visitors to relax quietly and enjoy a moment of peacefulness without saying a word, making it a truly pleasant experience. Modern people have the financial means to purchase many things, but time, tranquility and the splendor of Mother Nature remains priceless.

The Information Bureau indicated that Taichung flora expo will be open until April 24. As of January 1 this year, Taichung citizens, new residents, and children under 12 years of age from across the world are welcome to attend the expo free of charge by presenting their national identity cards, resident certificates, and passports respectively. An invitation is extended to everyone to come to the flora expo.