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台中花博紀念品第二波新品亮相 李文儀化身「幸福採購員」

發表時間 2018/12/13 00:00
更新時間 2018/12/22 16:32
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Taichung Flora Expo has formally introduced the key promotional items of「Happiness series」as the second wave of the official souvenirs today(30th). There are chocolates, nougat cookies, dried fruits etc. features snacks and the lollipops in Leopard family images. The pretty anchorwoman, Wen-yi Lee became the「Happiness buyer」to test the candies and chocolates full of sweet feelings. She invited everyone to leverage the warmth of Flora Expo to greet the Christmas in December and the upcoming brand new year.

Taichung City Government today conducted the「Official souvenirs of happiness series and gifts-new product launch conference」at Flora Expo Fengyuan Huludun expo site; Flora Expo mascots, Leo and Leona handed in hands to be present in the event with the pretty anchorwoman, Wen-yi Lee to play the role as the「Happiness buyer」to take everyone to feel the happy atmosphere brought by the second wave of Flora Expo souvenirs. Land Administration Bureau, Deputy Director and Chief of Huludun expo site Jih-nan Liu and Economic Development Bureau Secretary-general Jane-jane Tsai were there to celebrate as well and announced the second wave of souvenirs was launched.

Economic Development Bureau Secretary-general Tsai said, it’s happy to see everyone come here from everywhere to support Flora Expo. It’s expected these various official Flora Expo souvenirs will attract more people to see the beauty of Flora Expo and listen to the sound of blossom; by way of experiencing the beauty of Taichung, local economic development will be facilitated.

As per the key message of「Happiness series」delivered by the second wave of official souvenirs, Wen-yi Lee was excited and said, she loves the sweets and always prepare some sweets in the tray in the office. Eating sweets can make her feel healing and full of happiness. Happiness series sweets introduced this time, she wants to bring them all back home. One of them attracting her most is the「Bomb-bomb chocolate」 as it reminds her of the popping candy in her childhood while keeping the sweet of the chocolate! Wen-yi Lee has tried the dried mango and she said, dried fruits are natural and preserve all the good taste of Taiwanese mango, they’re so delicious that you cannot stop eating.

The officer of Economic Development Bureau said, when the last wave of Flora Expo souvenirs were launched earlier, it’s been a hot sale. As the happiness series items are introduced, there are more options of the souvenirs for the tourists, including the food series of flower sweet chocolate, 4 flavors of dried fruits chocolates, lollipops and chocolate piggy bank etc., all of them are wrapped with the Leopard family’s pictures on the package. These sweets and chocolate filled with the happiness make the people to enjoy the sweet happiness not only in their mouth but also in their mind.

Happiness series accessories, including Leopard fragrance diffuser, Leopard family dolls and some useful travel pillow, handbag and lovely warm blanket etc., cover from the eating to functional supplies which are good for being the gifts or personal use with full of happiness. In addition, the organizer has been to the local instrument factory to produce the so-called thumb piano,「Kalimba」, as the souvenir which is very easy to learn and thought to be with a comfort effect.

The officer of Economic Development Bureau addressed, after the launch of the second wave of official souvenirs, there have been almost 100 items of Flora Expo related products available on the market. They are available not only in the souvenirs shops in all the Flora Expo parks and expo sites, but also available for purchase on-line. With the diverse channels for sale, it’s easy for the people to get what they like.