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日本PIKO太郎宣傳台中花博 與林市長大跳《PPAP》

發表時間 2018/12/13 00:00
更新時間 2018/12/22 15:52
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Taichung Flora Expo continuously attracts many domestic and international tourists to visit with the accumulated passengers near to 2 millions of people. The singer being famous of《PPAP》, brainwashing song, PIKO TARO who is the Flora Expo promotional Ambassador as well. Today (8th)he was accompanied by Mayor Chia-lung Lin to visit Houli forest park; PIKO TARO highly recognized Flora Expo and dance《PPAP》with Mayor Lin in front of the mechanical flower,「Listening to the sound of blossom」 under a lively atmosphere. PIKO TARO invited Japanese and other international tourists to visit Taichung and experience the beauty of Flora Expo.

Flora Expo promotional Ambassador, PIKO TARO, the first stop of today was to visit 「Listening to the sound of blossom」so the curator, Luxury Logico, would like to greet his visit and prepare the special welcome in addition to the music performance which surprised PIKO TARO very much. PIKO TARO has even danced the classical 《PPAP》with Mayor Lin together in front of the mechanical flower and experienced the art installation in mimosa mode. Meanwhile, he had a lot of runs with the visitors there and the fans on site took many pictures of the super star with joys.

PIKO TARO said, he has never seen such a show like「Listening to the sound of blossom」before that there’s no sound of the machine and it looks like a real flower in appearance. If he had time, he’d like to see the night view as well. Mayor Lin immediately told him there will be the live video of night view provided to allow PIKO TARO to experience the view in a different approach.

Next, when Mayor Lin and PIKO TARO were moving to world garden area, PIKO TARO was very easy-going and wave his hands to the people with the sign of love in hands continuously so many take his photos with the cell phones off and on. PIKO TARO said, the most impressive part was the 「Fata'an Traditional Palakaw Sustainable Fishing Area」and allowed him to learn more about the history of Taiwan.

PIKO TARO indicated, Flora Expo is quite aligned with the concept of SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals); as the Flora Expo Japanese promotional Ambassador like he is, he will continue to encourage more Japanese and the people from everywhere of the world to take the chance to visit Flora Expo.

Mayor Lin said, he has been leaving for Tokyo, Japan this June to promote Flora Expo and invited PIKO TARO to visit Taichung during the Flora Expo period. A big thank to PIKO TARO for his commitment to the appointment and had fun with the people. With his reputation and influencing power, the spirit of Taichung Flora Expo will be passed forward and more Japanese tourists will come to join in the big event.

The City Government would like to appreciate PIKO TARO for being Taichung Flora Expo promotional Ambassador so the mascot, Horsiver, was arranged to dance with him and one big furry doll was sent to him as a gift. Mayor Lin has sent the Flora Expo tie to PIKO TARO as the souvenir.