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蔡總統參觀花博 直呼:驚豔驚豔再驚豔!

發表時間 2018/11/15 00:00
更新時間 2018/11/21 16:49
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There are more than 700 thousand visitors coming for Taichung Flora Expo after the opening, it’s so popular that the visitor numbers are growing continuously. President Ing-wen Tsai has visited the Flora Expo today(14th)and highly recognized the curation and plan of Taichung Flora Expo by leveraging a lot of the local elements and innovation to make Taiwanese proud of what we have and show our unlimited creativities. Mayor Chia-lung Lin has performed well with his strong leadership so she’d like to congratulate Mayor Lin and the City Government team, the curators and all the volunteers to make the Flora Expo「Amazing, amazing and more amazing」. It’s really a big, big success!

Today, President Tsai led the team from Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, to visit Taichung Flora Expo. They’re accompanied by Mayor Lin to visit Flora Expo forest expo site; firstly, they found the biggest mechanical flower on the earth,「Listen to the sound of blossoms」, later on, they walk around the World gardens, Home of four and the other sightseeing spots to enjoy the different features of the horticultural industries from many countries and witness the Taiwan area located in the world gardens. Along the way, many visitors said Hi to President Tsai and Mayor Lin under a lively atmosphere.

President Tsai said, after she attending the opening ceremony of the Flora Expo, she cannot have time to see around the expo sites but she heard a lot of positive comments of the people who have visited the Flora Expo, they all said,「It’s really outstanding.」It’s very good to have the opportunity today to visit the Flora Expo in person and happy to see the satisfied expressions of the visitors all the way.

President Tsai has recognized the achievements of the machinery industry developed in Taichung as they can make this very vivid mechanical flower like「Listen to the sound of blossoms」. It’s really surprising and amazing. Besides, there are many flowers and artworks made of the recycled economical products and the natural ecological conditions; all these innovative and creative performances are really「Amazing, amazing and more amazing!」

Mayor Lin said, President Tsai is welcome to visit Taichung Flora Expo and her support is highly appreciated to make the Flora Expo conducted smoothly. The objective of conducting the Flora Expo is to present the beauty of Taiwan to the whole world so Taichung cherishes this opportunity very much to be the representative of Taiwan and send the gift to the world. Therefore, he addressed, the Flora Expo must equipped with the features of Taiwan, for example, the biological diversity exhibited in the Discovery pavilion is the biological features distributed from the altitude of 0 to 3886 meters; or「Listen to the sound of blossoms」, the powered mechanical flower, and the world gardens have shown some other international features.

Mayor Lin addressed, Taichung will take the Flora Expo as one of the municipal transformation actions. As the Leopard cats were found during the preparations of Flora Expo so that specific location was turned out to be the conservation region; also, the monuments found in the Houli horse ranch were decided to be the cultural heritage preservation; all these changes and outcomes are achieved under our perseverance. And these efforts are recognized by AIPH so it’s upgraded to the world class from the national class. In addition, Taichung has proposed「Taichung declaration」with the signatures of many different organizations and institutes. It’s recognized by 178 cities and international organizations from 50 countries. Since Taichung has conducted the Flora Expo, AIPH will help to promote the Taichung experience on Flora Expo curation to the world.

The officer of the City Government said, Taichung Flora Expo has covered many aspects like the ecological conservation, art and people culture, industrial development and son on. Houli forest expo site has built the biggest mechanical flower,「Listen to the sound of blossoms」on the earth, its splendid appearance will change as it opens or closes under the sunshine. Also, there was a cross-territorial concert held in front of the「Listen to the sound of blossoms」at 6 p.m. on November 16th, the melodies will match with and echo to the mechanical flower blooming and light changes to bring the audience an innovative festival of art cultural and precious machinery combinations. It will show the features of the Flora Expo and allow everyone to enjoy the unique and breakthrough art festival.

World gardens is sponsored by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and the Council of Agriculture. 30 organizations or institutes of 27 countries from 5 continents worldwide are invited to participate in this event; also, 33 exhibition booths are established by combining the local culture with horticultural techniques. Netherlands hall is built under the idea of 2022 International Horticultural Exposition in Almere to build up the first recycled architecture in Taiwan. After the Flora Expo exhibition period, the construction materials will be tested down and recycled for repeated use so it will help to promote the environment friendly building concept in Taiwan. Taiwan area in the world gardens is designed with the warm greeting of「Have has the meal?」as the theme of the story. The garden is possessing the Taiwanese garden image by representing the living anesthesia and mixed cultural styles under the time changes in addition to the red brick constructions to show the agricultural way of life, agricultural production and agroecology, the「golden trios」, as the landscape themes of the sustainable development.

The officer of the City Government mentioned, the「Home of four」in the forest expo site is built by the techniques of recycled materials and technologies to deliver the concept of living together with the nature peacefully and the core of green environmental protection. It’s also the first sustainable building constructed with the secondary agricultural products, rice stalks, filled walls in Taiwan. It’s estimated to reduce around 37.74% of carbon emissions from the beginning of the construction until the end of the exhibition. Therefore, it has received the「Diamond certificate of carbon footprint of building」by Low carbon building alliance, Department of Architecture in National Cheng Kung University. It’s the first building in Flora Expo to win the recognition; later on, it won even more international exposure and received the Silver Award of 2018 London Design Awards. It’s another honorable record for Taichung Flora Expo and make the people to think about the relationship between people and nature so we can listen to the messages sent by the natural environment and people will enjoy the very natural grace.