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花博甜蜜氛圍 園區熱門約會點見證浪漫愛情

發表時間 2018/11/15 00:00
更新時間 2018/11/21 16:13
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Since the opening of 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, many sightseeing spots in the expo sites become the hot spots for checking on the internet by the visitors. All three major expo sites, including Houli forest and horse ranch, Waipu and Fengyuan, become the surprising locations for the love couples to build a romantic moments for themselves. In blossom pavilion, the love couples are recommended to take a walk in「Flourishing Moment Floral Clock」, along the heart shaped water scenery of Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Joint Garden or under the moonlight of Floral metropolis by the water at night. A dating trip in the Flora Expo will accompany the love couples to witness their loves.

In Houli horse ranch expo site, 「Flourishing Moment Floral Clock」hanged in the center of the competition hall in the Blossom pavilion is decorated by many floricultural masters to play the graceful melodies at each o’clock; also, the decorations of the floral clock will be changed as required to be the witness of the love moments of many love couples. As to the Houli forest expo site, it has conserved the primary landscapes to allow the Palau Embassy to propose and invite the Solomon Islands in addition to Marshall Islands to build both the world gardens and Asia-Pacific Diplomatic Joint Garden under the elegant cultural youths encompassed atmosphere. The white beach and the heart shaped water scenery in addition to the tropical plants show the passions and energies completely.

The public installation art—「Flowers and Butterflies Dancing in the Breeze」in Waipu expo site possesses the image of two Taiwan lilies facing upward to the sky to become the highest point of the expo site. The butterflies flying and dancing around the flowers or staying on the ground combine with the prosperous landscapes and plants in the surrounding area to make the love couples to experience the theme of 「The flower and fruit village」during their visit here. They will enjoy the beautiful sunshine and love with happiness.

Among these 3 major expo sites of Flora Expo, Fengyuan Huludun Park expo site is the only one with the river flowing through to construct the ecological environment of「Floral Metropolis by the Water」for the love couples to have a romantic ending of the Flora Expo trip. They can wander under the night scenes to enjoy the installation art—「Lotus glass art」, which is composed of the shining and bling glasses in circular shapes to reflect the completeness idea, is a glass flower standing in the Ruanpizai creek and will never wither to become the symbol of eternal loves.

Also, the「Domestic gardens」 in Section 1 has combined the dreaming of butterflies, Jiji town and the other famous sightseeing spots in Puli, Nantou County in addition to the floral industry to form the happy elements of floral wedding. The love heart shaped installations seem to be whispering the secrets between the love couples and witness their love stories.

The officer of the City Government said, Flora Expo 3 major expo sites possess their different features and show different faces in the daytime and nighttime with comprehensive elements. When the visitors experience the theme of「Discover GNP」, they can also have the experiences of all kinds of joys. Please come to the Flora Expo with your lover to witness your love and reserve your eternal memories.