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響應花博低碳精神 中市府推環保旅館享房價4.1折

發表時間 2018/11/15 00:00
更新時間 2018/11/21 15:38
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In Taichung, there are 76 hotels are granted with the certificates of「Environmental Protection Hotel」and 3 of them have won the「Gold, Silver and Copper」standards. In order to echo to the Flora Expo low carbon spirit, the Environmental Protection Bureau, Taichung City Government has collaborated with the「Gold」standard of Environmental Protection Hotel,「Hotel Stay」to introduce the 「Environmental Protection awarded point collection」APP by combining the rewarded point incentives to encourage the visitors to enjoy the benefits by staying at the Environmental Protection Hotels during the Flora Expo period.

There are around 480 hotels and guesthouses in Taichung with 76 Environmental Protection Hotels which is number one among 6 metropolitan cities. There are 15「Gold, Silver and Copper」classes of Environmental Protection Hotels in Taiwan and 3 of them are located in Taichung.

In order to encourage the Flora Expo visitors to echo to the low carbon action, the Environmental Protection Bureau has collaborated with the only one「Gold」standard of Environmental Protection Hotel,「Hotel Stay」, in the city to advocate for the environmental protection during the Flora Expo period; the visitors may enjoy the special discounts by 59% off to stay in the indicated hotels and register on site for the membership of Environmental Protection rewarded point collection with extra bonus of 1,000 green points if they are showing the tickets of the public transportation, Flora Expo card or Flora Expo ticket and bring the personal washing utensils with them.

Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, Chi-rong Bai indicated, the wastes produced in the hotel could be 2 to 3 times of the ones produced at home. Just the washing utensil wastes and the wasted water pollutions due to the bed sheets cleansing may have brought very huge burden to the environment. The City Government introduces the environmental protection hotels to encourage the visitors to bring the personal washing utensils and don’t change sheets if they will stay for more nights in the same room for achieving low carbon and reducing the plastics. These environmental protection interventions will allow the people to experience the spirit of Flora Expo GNP to develop on Green Productivity, Nature ecosystem and People cultural living in harmony.

The officer of Environmental Protection Bureau said, the citizens only need to download the 「Environmental Protection awarded point collection」APP to their cell phones and register with the indicated consumption vehicles (i.e. EasyCard, Taiwan Sugar membership card etc.), then the environmental action green point collection will be activated. The scope of green point collections will cover the public transportation (MRT/Taiwan railway/bus/transportation service), green product consumption (Taiwan sugar, Far Eastern A Mart, RT-Mart and E-life Mall Corporation etc.).

If you are joining in the public benefit activities for environmental protection, every one dollar will be granted with one point and 100 points may be calculated as one dollar for green consumption. Everyone is welcome to collect the green points, advocate for environmental protection and love our earth; please visit the official site of Hotel Stay for more details.