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Publish Time 2017/07/31 00:21
Update Time 2018/09/13 20:15
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Leo (Leopard Cat Dad)
All round farmer, plants vegetables, plants fruits and plants flowers. Keen on exploring plant science, and often assists in various animal and plant issues. Familiar with the workings of nature, and well aware of the happenings between the flora and fauna. Enjoys “Taichung pastry” made by Leona and maintains a happy roundish figure.


Leona (Leopard cat mom)
A pastry chef of great skill who loves to come up with new tastes which everyone enjoys. Leona is the most insightful member of the family, providing timely questions or affirmations. Treats everyone to newly developed “Taichung pastries” every time a family member finishes a job.


Love (Leopard cat sister)
An extremely active and assertive “little adult” with only a smattering of knowledge of the things going on around her. Creates a dream world with runaway imagination and takes her brother on expeditions with occasional teasing.


Life (Leopard cat brother)
The delight of the family, always stumbling around and is curious of everything around. Loves to tag along with his sister on adventures and ask questions. Not only the “happy nut” of the family, but also enjoys all sorts of fruit and loves flowers even more. He is often attracted and halted in his tracks by flowers on the road.


Horsiver (Elderly neighbor horse)
The leopard cat family neighbor horse “old Horsiver” is like family. A beekeeper with various bees, he is fond of helping fruit growers in pollinating fruit trees. He plays the saxophone alone in the yard during leisure with a hint of remembrance and nostalgia in the music. The knowledgeable Horsiver can always explain the mysterious laws and phenomenon of nature to the kids.