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Taichung Declaration

Publish Time 2018/04/13 01:31
Update Time 2018/10/01 09:36
Visitors 1430
Can you hear the flowers blossom?

In the midst of striving for economic prosperity and technological advancement, it is natural that we sometimes forget to listen to the heart, to connect with the nature, and to maintain the wellbeing of ourselves and the global community as a whole. It is time for us to reconnect to Mother Nature, to hear the colorful blossoming flowers whisper in our ears, telling us how good it is to be alive and how each life can contribute to make the world a prettier and better place.

In 2018, the Taichung World Flora Exposition will give GNP (Gross National Product) a brand new definition. GNP is, from now on, more than accounting numbers, but how well we strive to achieve Green Productivity, improve Nature Sustainability, and empower People with Greenability.

The 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition will serve as a connector, with one hand reaching out to the AI era and the other hand reconnecting people back to the nature more than ever. With time and efforts, we believe prosperity will come to coexist with environmental protection; touch of nature can be embedded in future technological advancement; and people will eventually come to live with Greenability.

Green Productivity

Economic growth at the cost of environment is gradually becoming the past. Taichung is aware of our responsibility to the global community and is striving to become a green city with green economy and green productivity.

Nature Sustainability

Bestowed with a rich diversity in its natural habitats and ecosystem, as well as a landscape ranging from high mountains surfaced in the Ice Age to wetlands by the sea, Taichung is dedicated to protect her natural heritage and enhance its sustainability. Human prosperity will no longer come at the cost of nature. We will try to reestablish a close tie between human and nature, and to find a harmonious balance between human activities and nature sustainability.

People with Greenability

Besides pursuing green productivity and nature sustainability, Taichung is striving to become a city with Greenability, and will work to inspire people to raise their Greenability. This means we will live green, eat green, act green, and think green; we interact in green, produce in green, construct in green, and develop the city in green. Greenability also means respect differences and embrace diversity, be it cultural, ethnical, political,pedagogical, ecological, social, or religious. We seek resolution in times of divisions and thrive in times of unity, with an objective to build a better and inclusive green community that can contribute to the global family.

Our Manifesto

We believe in maintaining a harmonious balance among prosperity, nature, and quality of living. We believe in protecting the nature, caring for the society, and reaching out to the world. We believe in fostering the development of NGOs. And we believe in creating a new model of city governance.

The more we connect, the more we thrive.