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Taichung and Almere, the Netherlands, Signed MOU for Reciprocal Exhibitions in 2018 and 2022

Publish Time 2017/04/21 18:57
Update Time 2017/05/23 11:07
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Taichung City will host the World Floral Exposition in 2018 and Almere City of the Netherlands will host the 2022 World Horticulture Exposition. Taichung City Mayor, Lin Chia-Lung and Almere City Mayor, Franciscus Max Weerwind, signed a MOU today (23rd), promising reciprocal participation in each other’s expositions in 2018 and 2022 along with collaboration includng experience sharing and resource exchange for economic development, trade, education, natural science, agricultural technology and floral industry. Mayor Lin led the City Government team on a tour to the Netherlands on the 22nd to survey and recruit investors. The first stop was Almere Music Hall, where the two cities signed the “City Floral Expo Reciprocal Exhibition MOU”. Taichung City announced the 2018 Taichung World Floral Expo Logo and Slogan, “The Sound of Blooming” a few days ago. Almere City will host the “Floriade World Horticulture Expo 2022”. Mayor Lin introduced the City of Taichung as a diverse city going through a new wave of urban planning since the city annexed the county six years ago ,the goal being to build a green city. Taichung will host the 2018 World Floral Expo with the theme, “Rediscover GNP: Green, Nature and People”. This Expo will redefine GNP, echoing the main subject of sustainable green city. The Mayor emphasized that sustainable development is the core value of the 2018 Taichung World Floral Expo. The Expo is by no means a one-time exhibition event, but an event that would drive forward city development, promote regional development and bring the beauty of Taichung to the international stage. Especially after signing of the MOU, the two cities would be able to exchange information and collaborate on economic development, trade, education, natural science, agriculture technology and floral industry. The Netherlands, in particular, is the Kingdom of Flowers. Taichung City expects to sell Taiwan’s flower to the world through the Netherlands. Almere City Mayor, Franciscus Max Weerwind, said that Almere is the youngest city in the Netherlands, with a current city population near 200,000 and still growing. The City will host the “Floriade World Horticulture Expo” in 2022 and the event will also be themed on green energy. Taichung, a city of smart technology, also has a goal for sustainable growth and green city. The two cities share the same values. “Taichung is a smart, green, sustainable and friendly city.” Almere Mayor, Franciscus Max Weerwind, echoed the value of sustainable development advocated by Mayor Lin. He emphasized that sustainable development is currently the largest and most important challenge. Almere’s Deputy Mayor visited Taichung City last June. He said that he was deeply inspired by the smart, sustainable and friendly city of Taichung, so he advocated signing of the MOU to bring the two cities together for mutual learning. Almere Mayor, Franciscus Max Weerwind, presented a panel of glass painting of Almere City to Mayor Lin, signifying the mutual goal of promoting green sustainable city development. Mayor Lin returned with a bottle of the Wufeng General Peacock-plume Wine and invited the Almere City team to visit Taichung again. The Taichung City Government pointed out that the initial planning of Almere City was inspired by the British concept of “Garden City”. Construction of this new city began in 1968 around the booming floral industry in the surrounding area. The flower auction market in Aalsmeer is the largest fresh flower auction market in the world, with 80% of all flower products distributed worldwide traded here. Signing of the MOU will be beneficial for the two cities, as this MOU facilitates exchanging of successful experience in the development of the floral industry, garden city design, and Floral Expo. The Taichung World Floral Expo will open on November 3rd 2018 at the three major venues of Houli, Waipu and Fengyuan, exhibiting ecology, production and life respectively. With an emphasis on sustainable development, the exhibition venues were evaluated for the possibilities of sustainable use before planning. Among the seven exhibition halls, five are already confirmed for future use and the remaining two will be built with integration into the local forest environment. All construction materials are recyclable and can be reused in other parks. Every exhibition hall is fully utilized without waste. The Houli Horse Ranch and Forest Park will regain its glamour through integration of the cultural heritage sites into the flower exhibitions and the international standard equestrianism course. Waipu Youngfong Park will be transformed into a smart innovative agriculture park. The Fengyuan Huludun Park Expo Site will be integrated with the Huludun Cannel to create a waterside floral city with a cake museum. Chairman of the Taiwan Floriculture Development Association, Kuo Zheng-Ho, Deputy General Manager, Huang Li-Juan and Manager Chen Yong-Bin, Dunnan Cooperative Farm Chairman, Li Chong-Chi, ALIGN Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, Huang Wen-Li, President of National Chung Hsing University, ShieuFuh-Sheng and Director of Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands, Chou Tai-Chu were present to witness the MOU signing ceremony. (9/23*15)*Information Bureau Information Bureau of Taichung City Government