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Taichung World Flora Exposition Ambassador

Publish Time 2018/10/13 15:34
Update Time 2018/10/13 15:34
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"When I was young, I really liked a book by Chang Hsiao-feng. It was called ‘Flower Notes’. In it were pictures of flowers accompanied by beautiful prose. Reading the prose made me feel as if I could listen to the story of each flower and hear their murmurs. I think this book influenced me a lot. It taught me how to listen to the sounds that we don’t normally hear, and to see the beauty that usually goes unnoticed." - Taichung World Flora Exposition Ambassador, Wu Qing-feng


The 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition has invited famous singer and songwriter Wu Qing-feng to be its ambassador. Wu Qing-feng once said that he has loved flowers since young, and that he often bought flowers and frequented the flower market with his mother. Even now, flowers are still an integral part of his life. He once likened his social media platform to a garden, and laughingly remarked that he was the garden manager. He is an ideal candidate for the position of the Taichung World Flora Exposition Ambassador.


Wu Qing-feng hopes that his theme song for the Taichung World Flora Exposition resonates with the slogan of the Flora Expo – The Sound of Blooming. He believes that the Flora Expo is a refreshing breath of nature for the urban city, and that each citizen of Taichung is a spokesperson for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition. As the ambassador of the Taichung World Flora Exposition, he hopes to connect people with nature through music. He infused a warm feeling of vitality into his theme song for the Taichung World Flora Exposition, touching on both the interaction between human and nature, and human to human interaction. The sincerity and happiness that flows within the song blends beautifully with the spirit of the Flora Expo.