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Taichung City forms a delegation to promote tourism in South Korea, signing a contract to promote the Flora Expo

Date 2017/08/25 10:33
Update Time 2017/09/05 02:35
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Taichung City Tourism Bureau Director General Sheng-Shan Chen recently led 30 people from the Taichung City Traveling Commercial Union, Bakery Union, Tourism Hotel Union and Hotel Union to South Korea to promote tourism, actively seeking cooperation between KATA, Hana-tou and Taichung Tourism Union. The sides signe a MOU and also met with T’way Airline and Jin Airline, expecting to boost direct flights at the end of the year.

In order to promote the 2018 International Taichung Flora Exhibition, the city government’s Tourism Bureau held a promotional event on the 23nd in Seoul, specifically inviting re-known chef A-Ching to put on the “2018 International Taichung Flora Expo Cuisine Show”, utilizing local fruits and elements from flowers to present artistic soups, desserts and ice. The event was impressive and attracted almost 100 local businesses to attend. The Tourism Bureau also gave a presentation on the expo and invited South Korean Tourism Businesses to participate.

Director General Chen noted, tourism between Taiwan and Korea has been very active, with 884397 people visiting in 2016 compared to 658757 in 2015, showing a 34% growth; Taiwanese tourists in Korea also reached 808420, improving at a 62% rate compared to 500100 in 2015, the expected visiting people for both sides is projected to exceed 2 million.

Director General Chen noted, tourists from Korea have increased annually, but most of them stay in Taipei. There is much to develop in the central Taiwan tourism market. Taichung currently has 4 direct flights to Incheon Airport, with discussions with low budget airlines underway, there is much to look forward to.

Director General Chen also visited T’way Airline and Jin Airline, two low budget airlines and noted that with 7 million population, Taichung International Airport is a key to a huge market.

T’way Airline CEO Hong-Gun Chung noted, T’way is expected to start direct flights to Taichung at the end of the air. Jin Airline CEO Kong-Ho Ko noted, the airline is looking at Kaohsiung and Taipei, with an eye on Taichung in the beginning of next year.

The Tourism Bureau also actively pushed for a MOU between KATA, Hana-tour and Taichung City Tourism Business Union.

President Woo-Chong Leung from KATA noted, this was the first time KATA signed a MOU with a local affiliate, it is a new model of cooperation brought forth by Taichung, and he is looking forward to the tourism growth.

Director General Chen also noted he was delighted KATA signed with a local entity, and he will work hard to introduce Korean tourists to central and southern Taiwan, to change the demographics.

During this trip, director general Chen also visited the city government of Incheon and sent a signed invitation letter from Mayor Chia-Lung Lin to invite Incheon City mayor and the delegation to visit the 2018 International Taichung Flora Expo.

Incheong City Deputy Mayor Dong-An Cho noted, Taichung City and Incheon City both possess two harbors while also sharing many similarities. There is much to cooperate on in terms of industry, technology, culture and tourism. He hopes that both sides can use the Flora Expo as an opportunity to become sister cities.

To promote educational tourism, the delegation also visited the Korea Education Tourism Association to discuss cooperation and experiences in educational tourism, and also visited 田儒承 government and the local association to discuss an alliance between Taiwan, Japan and Korea in September for the hot springs festival.
Corporate Participation
Corporate Participation