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Taichung City Mayor Lin Learn From Paris’s “People-oriented mindset” To Built a Green Smart City

Publish Time 2017/07/03 01:42
Update Time 2017/07/11 02:17
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Taichung City Mayor Lin Jialong led his team to visit City Hall of Paris, and met with Deputy Mayor of KOMITES Pénélope and his city development team. They talked about their vision of smart city, sustainability, green landscaping, innovation and entrepreneurship. Mayor Lin appreciated the efforts that Paris’s “people-oriented mindset” concept, promote the sustainable development of the city and their innovate policies for old cities. He also invited Paris to participate the 2018 World Flora Expo, and for future cooperation. Paris Deputy Mayor of KOMITES Pénélope shared her experience of afforestation, she said Paris is dedicating to afforest the city and introducing agricultural ecology, it allowing young generation to recognize the importance of natural environment. The Government also do the licensing to encourage the public to participate in afforestation, such as built their garden on the roof, not only assist built a low carbon city but also increase the engagement between citizens and communities. Mayor Lin praised the strategy of afforesten the city of Paris is quite worthy of learning. He said the municipal government planned to plant 8 million trees in 8 years and now planted more than 30 million trees. At the same time, the municipal government also refer to the Paris agreement, the development of autonomous regulations, the implementation of low-carbon city, green landscaping, and encourage the public to plant plants on the roof, in response to green movement. The concept of environmental protection and ecology coincides with Paris, and these results will also be reflected in the upcoming World Expo next year. Mayor Lin pointed out the discoverery of conservation animals Shihu trail in 2014, they decided to turn the crisis into an opportunity, lower the scope of exhibition area to retain the Stone Tiger, and join other two venues to the Expo. This considerable decision was recognize by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and made "Taichung International Flower Exposition" has been renamed to "Taichung World Floral Exposition", which is also a complement to the spirit of ecology, production and life. He also invited Paris to Taichung next year to participate in the World Flora Expo. Jean-Baptiste Delapierre, head of the Attraction and Employment Department of the City of Paris, noted that France has continued to set up a innovation center in all parts of the country, and Paris has created a co-working space of 130,000 square meters, specializing in art , cultural innovaiton, tourism, hardware equipment or biomedical science and technology talent. In addition, the city of Paris for the start-up enterprises, each subsidy up to 30,000 euros, an average annual subsidy of 200, to cultivate a number of outstanding enterprises. Sabine Romon, head of the city's smart and sustainable development of the city of Paris, said that Paris uses a variety of innovative tools to promote the concept of "open city", "intelligent interconnection" and "sustainable city", including "open city" Interactive platform, online voting mechanism to promote citizen participation; "Smart Internet" set up a "public account" to collect large data to provide public services; "sustainable city" through the installation of electric car charging station, Dedicated road, planting trees, plastic and other policies, and comprehensively promote the green city. "Preservation is the key to the success of urban renewal!" Mayor Lin said that the transformation of the city must be customized, and in the original historical context, adding new elements, he is very sure that Paris in the "people-oriented" promote the sustainable development of the city. He said that to promote the smart of the city in Paris, they not only construct new facilities, but also introduce innovative policies in the old city, allowing people to enjoy the wisdom of life. Besides, Paris was a green city, they can built a low-carbon city through citizen’s participation. In addition, Paris offers a variety of business base, provided by the government business counseling, incentive policies, so that the city's economy with innovation and vigorous development, and a virtuous circle, successfully flip the city, which are quite worth learning from Taiwan. Mayor Lin also mentioned that Taichung is not only the old city, there are new reorganizing areas. The city is actively on promoting the "Greater Taichung 123" project, will build a new transport line, two major international ports, and three deputy city. The city's suture, traffic flow and logistics, make the overall development to the big platform. This is similar to the "Big Paris” project which is being promoted in Paris. Contact: Taichung City Secretariat Secretariat International Affairs Section Contact Tel: 04-22289111 # 11400