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President Roberto Acevedo Quevedo of Paraguayan Congress and Senate visits flora expo and praises the magnificence of the event

Publish Time 2019/02/15 19:56
Update Time 2019/02/15 19:56
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Taichung flora expo continues to generate buzz, accumulating more than 4 million visitors to date. Today (29th), President Roberto Acevedo Quevedo of Paraguayan Congress and Senate and other delegates visited Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Park Area. Paraguay is a friendly nation of Taiwan. The guests were accompanied by Deputy Mayor Chiung-ying Yang, and President Roberto Acevedo Quevedo praised the beauty of the flora expo. According to Deputy Mayor Yang, Taichung’s mild climate makes it a liveable city, so she hopes that Roberto Acevedo Quevedo and his delegates will invite more friends from overseas to visit Taichung and enjoy the magnificent scenery.


Accompanied by Deputy Mayor Yang, President Roberto Acevedo Quevedo of Paraguayan Congress and Senate visited The Sound of Blooming and Discovery Pavilion in Houli Forest Park Area, where they admired the mechanical flower demonstration and rich ecology of Dajia River, ranging from the estuary at sea level to the top of Xue Mountain at an elevation of 3,886m. Thereafter, they headed to Blossom Pavilion in Houli Horse Ranch to appreciate the beauty of orchids and various forms of floriculture. City Councilor I-huang Lai also visited the park to admire the stunning landscape.


According to Deputy Mayor Yang, President Roberto Acevedo Quevedo and other delegates were pleasantly surprised after watching the mechanical flower demonstration, and he hopes to invite more overseas travelers to come to Taichung flora expo and enjoy the stunning beauty of Taichung. The city government pointed out that the close friendship between Taiwan and Paraguay has surpassed the 60-year mark. Taiwan’s support programs in Paraguay include infrastructure, medical care performance enhancement, orchid industry development, plant tissue culture, seed improvement, and propagation etc. Recently, Taiwan has concluded a 3-year orchid industry development foreign support program in Paraguay; Taichung is the production center of flowers such as Oncidium in Taiwan, and it is expected to host the 23rd World Orchid Conference (WOC) next year, thus it is hoped that the visit will facilitate bilateral exchanges in flowers and reinforce the bond between both countries.