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Beyond the World Floral Exposition, Taichung City Actively Seeks to Host the 2020 World Orchid Conference

Publish Time 2017/04/21 17:52
Update Time 2017/05/19 17:27
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Taichung City is in full preparation to host the 2018 World Floral Exposition. In addition to this event, the Taichung City Government is also actively seeking to host the 2020 World Orchid Conference (WOC)in an effort to expand the utilization of the various resources and facilities of the Floral Expo and bring the different varieties and cultivation technologies of orchids to Taiwan from the different production areas in the world. Mayor Lin Chia-Lung revealed the City’s plan to build Taichung into a garden city for festivals, international conferences, exhibitions and events through hosting the 2018 World Floral Exposition and 2020 WOC. Members of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) and World Orchid Conference Trust (WOC Trust) visited Taichung City today (4th). They were briefed on the preparation status of the World Floral Exposition, conducted an on-site inspection and participated in an evaluation meeting. Mayor Lin, along with the City’s Deputy Secretary-General, Kuo Kun-Ming, received the members of these two international organizations, presented them with special gifts from the City and introduced them to the diversified, versatile and livable City of Taichung, bringing them to experience the enthusiasm and warmth hospitality of the people. Mayor Lin welcomed President of AIPH, Mr. Bernard Oosterom, and Chairperson of World Orchid Conference Trust, Ms. Sandra Tillisch Svoboda, for visiting Taichung and the preparation site of Taichung World Floral Exposition. Preparation of the Floral Expo is in full swing and, at the same time, the City is bidding to host the 2020 WOC. The City strives to present them the best impression of Taichung. Mayor Lin stated that Taichung City abounds with orchids. Through hosting the Floral Expo and seeking to host the WOC, he plans to develop Taichung into a city of garden and festival for international conferences, exhibitions and events. The city government is very confident that the Floral Expo in the coming year will be a successful event and expects to win the bid for the WOC three years later. President of AIPH, Mr. Bernard Oosterom, said that opening of the 2018 Taichung World Floral Exposition is only 20 months away and he looks forward to this grand exposition of flowers. The crucial moment of preparation has come, as various operations are underway in full swing. He believed that the event will be successful and Taichung City will bring all visitors to witness the miracle of green environment in an urban setting through the Floral Expo. Chairperson of the World Orchid Conference Trust, Ms. Sandra Tillisch Svoboda, pointed out that Taiwan has an important status in the global orchid industry and is a major hub of orchid production and research. WOC will bring the City’s residents, as well as the world, to witness the beauty of orchids and offers an opportunity for international exchange. All WOC members are looking forward to exploring Taichung City and expect to see each other at WOC Taichung. The City’s Bureau of Agriculture pointed out that WOC is a benchmark event of the orchid industry. The City Government has displayed its advantages to the World Orchid Conference Trust with its fascinating urban features, abundant natural resources and advanced orchid cultivation technology in an effort to seek the opportunity to become the hosting city of the 2020 WOC. The Bureau of Agriculture stressed that the orchid industry of Taichung City has highly advanced technology and a solid foundation in R&D. With the curatorial experience and hardware facilities from the 2018 Taichung World Floral Exposition, the City will introduce Taiwan’s orchids to the world through exhibition of the native species, achievements in conservation and biodiversity in the conferences and exhibitions if Taichung City has the opportunity to host the 2020 WOC. (3/4*6)*Bureau of Agriculture. Ms. Lin, Agricultural Bureau of Taichung City Government