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Publish Time 2016/10/10 21:31
Update Time 2018/12/17 10:35
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Logo of Taichung World Flora Exposition

Flora Expo Slogan - The Sound Of Blooming
Have you ever stopped to listen to flowers blooming and falling? Modern people are always busy running around trying to make a living. They are physically busy and mentally blinded. Happiness blooms silently just like flowers, and if we’re not attentive, our busy lives can make us inadvertently miss the enchanting moment of bloom. Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century, capitalism has been the mainstream. People have been in the pursuit of economic prosperity and material life as if they are the very value of existence. Within merely 200 years, ocean pollution, tree logging, and exhaust emissions, etc., have damaged the global ecosystem and reduced biodiversity leading to increased density of greenhouse gases and as a result climate change is intensifying. Focusing on economic growth has blinded us to the damage it has done to the environment. Now people are beginning to experience the consequences, and finally starting to pay attention to the voices of the land. The Taichung EXPO hopes to open every person’s heart to re-listen to the message our land is trying to convey, and redefine the meaning of GNP. What does blooming sound like? We need to explore the answers together. Through the Taichung EXPO, we hope people can open and quiet their hearts to listen to the intricate sounds of blooming and enjoy this happy feast of flowers.
Logo of the Flora Expo
The Taichung Floral Exposition distills the best of Taiwan, hence we have used the geographical shape of Taiwan as the design foundation, with blue rivers, a green leaf and an orange flower representing the three major components which are green, nature and people. Upon detailed examination the three patterns together gives a reverse image of a person leaping forward. With the reverse imagery, we wish to emphasize the intertwined relationship between people and nature. If one or more of the three images is missing, the human shaped reverse image would not exist, reminding us the importance of the sustainable symbiosis between people and nature. At the same time, the three components also represent the three exhibition areas. The blue symbolizes the Fengyuan Exhibit’s idyllic waterside where the floral city resides; the orange symbolizes Waipu Exhibit’s abundant floral and fruit produce; the green is the historical century old tree and century old glamour horse racecourse, that together make up a forest garden that soothes the soul.