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Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site

Publish Time 2016/10/11 11:46
Update Time 2018/10/29 16:14
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To accommodate the huge crowd during the EXPO, we will establish a 1.2- kilometer “Flower Horse Path” between the Houli Train Station and the Horse Ranch to serve as a pedestrian path.  After the EXPO, it will be included to create a new look as part of Dongfeng Bikeway. 

The area can be divided into the Horse Ranch Area (Houli Horse Ranch) and the Forest Expo Site (Houli Military Base) as shown in the diagram.  The Houli Forest Expo Site retains its existing roads and paths, with a sizeable forest within the area of the military base. As for the Horse Ranch Area, on top of maintaining its former state, we have also striven to create a fun and exciting recreation area with the introduction of various fascinating features without compromising the historic buildings of the horse ranch or looks of the cultural landscape.  Inspired by the concept to create a garden city, the area is adorned with numerous flowers in vibrant violet and red, painting a picture of breathtaking beauty.  By collaborating with Taichung’s horticulture industry, the original plants of Taiwan cultivated in the area also accentuate the features of the “2018 Taichung World Flora Expo”.  We will create an outpost of flowers that offers physical and educational recreations as the front garden that stands before the entrance of Taichung Garden City. This area is designed with the concept of creating a paradise of flowers and horses – the Houli “Horse” Ranch and the “Forest” Garden with its distinctive ecological features to stay true to its motif as the Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site.