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World Garden Competition

Place:Forest Expo Site

World Gardens Competition will be held in Houli Horse Ranch & Forest Expo Site where a large number of trees from the original military camp are retained. The competition scheduled here can be described as a floral exposition in the forest. The development of the horticultural industry and the culture of each country are presented by garden landscaping. The unique features allow visitors to experience the fascinating world.

When designing a garden, participants should meet the theme of the floral exposition GNP (GREEN, NATURE, AND PEOPLE), and incorporate the elements of the forest to build a garden full of biodiversity, so that horticultural design and nature can coexist. "People" are also a part of nature. To open up dialogues between people and the forest will be another mission. Let nature return to life, invite visitors to experience the beauty of nature, the vitality and warmth of plants, and convey the charm of nature to more people.

30 units will participate in the competition. Each booth has 300 square meters space. In addition to expressing their countries’ characteristics, the crucial topics such as the forest and water resource will be included in garden landscaping.




2018/11/03(Sa) ~ 2019/04/24(We)