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Garden Competition

Place:Zone Two at Huludun, Fengyuan

Domestic Indoor Floriculture Competition shall take place in zone two at Huludun, Fengyuan. The competition invites people from gardening related groups, schools, and floriculture related units to join. The theme design of floriculture is closely related to daily lives. It is expected this could offer more ideas to the participants of the competition in bringing floriculture into daily lives.

The competition shall be divided into five sections of the exhibition. This includes decorative greenery walls and gardens with greenery rooftop. Fun garden with delicious and edible plants, nice and cool water garden, mind-relaxing innovative design of balcony, and entertaining trimmed 3D greenery art.

Through gathering skillful scenery design competitors in the country, our mission of establishing a green life, sustainable ecosystem, and green living can be achieved. The different themed gardens and plants in multiple aspects allow a garden, nature, and lifestyle to coexist in harmony.




2018/11/03(Sa) ~ 2018/12/02(Su)
2018/12/10(Mo) ~ 2019/01/06(Su)
2019/01/14(Mo) ~ 2019/02/10(Su)
2019/02/18(Mo) ~ 2019/03/24(Su)
2019/04/01(Mo) ~ 2019/04/28(Su)
2018/11/03(Sa) ~ 2019/04/24(We)