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  • 2019/05/03
    Forest Park and Wuri high-speed rail landscape installations in the 2019 European LILA landscape design platform Open Landscape Category (Public Landscapes)
  • 2019/04/26 ~ 2019/04/27
    2018 Taichung World Flower Expo Volunteer Day
  • 2019/04/24
    Successfully closed.
    Winners of the International Garden Competition:
    1、The overall landscape layout competition: The AIPH Award was won by the Dutch city of Amir and the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office; the first prize was won by the National Federation of Landscape Engineering and Trade Associations of the Republic of China; the gold medal was the Tianzhong Garden of the company; the silver medal was the Netherlands. Mill City and Netherlands Trade and Investment Office, Corporate Legal Person, London School of Economics and Political Science, Taiwan Alumni Association; Bronze Award for Nantes Garden Association, Hawaii State Government Office in Taipei、Korea Association for the Advancement of the Flower and Culture;Honorable mention for Magia del Sur Andino、National Adventure Tour and Trek、Commercial Office of the Sultanate of Oman Taiwan。
    2、"Flower Plants Individual Competition": The Gold Award from lack, the Silver Award is Far East Oriental Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd;The Bronze Award is the Taiwan Alumni Association of the London School of Economics and Political Science.。
    3、"A single competition for foliage plants": the gold medal from lack , the silver medal is the Taiwan alumni association of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the Bronze Award is the National Federation of the Republic of China Landscape Engineering Business Association.
  • 2019/04/18
    The number of visitors to the park exceeded 7 million. Mr. Cai Qinghai from Hsinchu City received gifts from the city and the iphone and Huabo commemorative products.
  • 2019/04/17
    The "Fourth House" in Houli Forest Park won international awards, and the city government held the award-winning nameplate unveiling ceremony.
  • 2019/03/25
    County and City Week - Hsinchu County, Hsinchu City.
  • 2019/03/18
    County and Zhouzhou - Miaoli County.
  • 2019/03/17
    The number of visitors to the park exceeded 6 million, and Mr. Guo from New Taipei City received the mascot doll from the city.
  • 2019/03/11
    County and City Week - Islands: Penghu County, Jinmen County and Lianjiang County (Mazu).
  • 2019/03/04
    County and City Week - Hualien County, Taitung County.
  • 2019/02/26
    Invited movie star Bai Jiali to be the Taichung Huabo Goodwill Ambassador.
  • 2019/02/25
    County and Zhouzhou - Yilan County.
  • 2019/02/24
    Hosted 2019 China World Flower International Marathon
  • 2019/02/18
    County and City Week - Taipei City.
  • 2019/02/15
    Number of visitors surpasses the 5 million mark.
  • 2019/02/09
    Municipality Week – Nantou County
  • 2019/02/08
    120,000 visitors in one day set a new record.
  • 2019/01/30
    An Eco-Friendly Home for Four at Houli Forest Area once again receives 2019 iF Design Award in the “architectural design – exhibition venue” category.
  • 2019/01/28
    Municipality Week – Changhua County
  • 2019/01/27
    Hosts Huludun Flower Expo Marathon with 4,000 runners participating in the event.