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Visit to the “Land of the Dreams”, Mayor Lin Invites Mayor of Toulouse Metropole to the Taichung World Flora Expo and Cooperation of Sister Cities

Date 2017/06/20 08:01
Update Time 2017/06/23 00:53
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Situated in the south of France, the Toulouse Metropole area is the biggest air bus manufacture area in Europe, earning a reputation as the “Land of dreams for flying”. The area is also famous for its gillyflowers, boosting the local economy; Mayor Lin Chia-Lung of Taichung city, along with the exchange team visited deputy mayor of Toulouse Jean-Claude Dardelet, M,Bertrand Serp to discuss potential exchange and collaboration on aerospace engineering industries and smart city solutions. Mayor Lin invited Toulouse to participate in the 2018 International Floral Exhibition, and hoped that the two cities could become sister cities, leading to more cooperation opportunities.

Toulouse Metropole is situated in the South Western bank of the Garonne River and is the fourth largest city of France. The city was the base for the first commercial airbus launch. Mayor Lin, along with the exchange team visited the Toulouse Metropole City Government, they were received by international relations deputy mayor Jean-Claude Dardelet, smart city deputy mayor M.Bertrand Serp and discussed their experience on aerospace engineering industries and smart city solutions.

Mayor Lin praised that Toulouse has an advanced technological industry for Internet of things and autonomous car. Toulouse’s experience of promoting the “Smart City” can be used as a reference for Taichung to develop the “Shui-nan Smart City”. He pointed out that Toulouse is not only a “dream land of flying” but also a base to build Airbus. The main purpose of the visit is to build up good relationship with Toulouse and even sign an agreement of becoming “sister cities”. This would help promote the bilateral relationship between France and Taiwan and deepen the collaboration in industry, tourism, culture and education.

Mayor Lin stated that Taichung is the agglomeration base of Taiwan Smart Manufacturing and aerospace industry. The Central Government is also trying to build Taichung as a city of Smart Machinery. Especially when Taichung’s population is increasing in the rate of 20,000 people more every year, it is going to be the second large city in Taiwan. Taichung is similar to Toulouse in terms of the growth in population and technological development. Besides, Taichung is going to hold the International Flora Exhibition next year, Mayor Lin invited Toulouse to join the event and he hoped to deepen the relationship between both cities.

Vice mayor of Toulouse Jean-Claude Dardelet praised that Toulouse have estimated 1.3 million of citizens, and growing with 23 thousand speed each year. Toulouse is a young city with prosperous high-tech and R&D industry, with many colleges.

Jean-Claude Dardelet said, Toulouse have lots of research center, also the airbus’s headquarters. One fourth of pioneers of aircraft machinery manufacturers live in Toulouse; their government also committed in promoting tourism and business development. The government has already invested 3000 million euro on building world trade center and the center will launched in 2020 to conduct more international events.

Vice mayor of Smart City, M. Bertrand Serp stated that Toulouse Metropole has excellent technological skills that created about 40,000 jobs. The promotion of the Smart City covers various aspects including traffic, energy, senior care and civil participation. With open resources and open data, the City is inviting its citizens to participate in public affairs. Meanwhile, Toulouse Metropole government is also actively attracting investors, providing preferential conditions and establishing venture capital funds to encourage investments.

The two vice mayors of Toulouse Metropole recognized the similarities of aerospace, digital industries and Smart City development between Taichung and Grande Toulouse. They look forward to strengthening the cooperation by visiting Taichung in the future.

Economic Development Bureau of the City Government pointed out that Taiwan has a strong aerospace supply chain foundation, namely processing industry, smart machineries, machine tools and key components. Taichung is especially outstanding in this regard and the City Government looks forward to the internationalization opportunities of the aerospace and smart machinery industry in Taichung this visit brings.

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