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Taichung Cuisine Festival Flower Taichung Flora Expo Festival Attracts over 150,000 People

Date 2017/07/25 00:00
Update Time 2017/08/03 03:41
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The “Taichung Cuisine Festival” finished yesterday on the 24th of July in Taipei after 4 days, the Taichung City Tourism Bureau set up a “Flower Taichung Stand”, with 24 of the most famous chefs from Taichung, using local materials to present speciality cuisine. Using the concept “One day in Taichung”, the event presented the best side of Taichung cuisine and gave international food enthusiasts a special experience, attracting over 150,000 people through four days. The event was a success for the promotion of Taichung International Flora Expo and Taichung Cuisine.

“Flower Taichung Stand” exhibited Taichung’s breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner selections, combining the chef’s skill and the speciality flowers of Taichung, the event presented different selections of delicious cuisine. Participants included the Holiday Inn hotel, Taichung Harbor Hotel, Lavender Cottage, Wu’s Western Cuisine, Sense Project, L'Affection. The restaurant's demonstrated different aspects of breakfast, lunch and dinner of Taichun City.

Furthermore, "Flower Taichung Stand” also attracted students from Taiwan’s culinary schools. Specifically, Taichung City’s Da-Ming senior high school students that arrived on the last day were able to learn how the chefs combined Taichung’s local material with their creativity.

Director General Sheng-Shan Chen of the Tourism Bureau noted, Taiwan Cuisine Exhibition combined elements of flower into its exhibition in order to promote the International Flora Expo. Next year is the last promotion, with the city government inviting Taichung tourism hotels, restaurants and afternoon tea businesses, along with 64 chefs from central Taiwan area as well as the participants this year. With a total of over 300 businesses attending, the city government hopes to give the International Flora Expo a grand final push.

The Tourism Bureau noted, with this marketing event for Taichung’s local cuisine, material and flowers, the Bureau hopes to connect the 7 counties and cities in central Taiwan to attract local and international tourist to experience central Taiwan’s scenery, culture and hot springs. Next year’s International Flora Expo will show Taichung’s specialty cuisine, tourist hot spots and other tourism resources. The Bureau hopes that tourists will attract each other to attend the Flora Expo, experience Taichung’s delicious Cuisine.

Contact Information: Taichung City Tourism Bureau. Miss Liao
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Corporate Participation