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Taichung City Government traveled to Bangkok to promote the Taichung International Flora Expo and signed two separate tourism related MOU to attract 200,000 Thai tourists to attend the Flora Expo

Date 2017/07/23 11:26
Update Time 2017/08/03 03:29
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Since the launch of the direct flight routes from Taichung City to Bangkok City on the first of July, Taichung City Tourism Bureau visited Bangkok with a group of tourism related businesses, held a promotional event for the 2018 International Taichung Flroa Expo, and signed separate MOU’s with the ATTA and TTAA, to further bring together tourist industries from both sides, provide tourists with local information. The delegation also visited multiple airlines to increase direct flights from Taichung to Bangkok. The City Government is looking to increase Thai tourist numbers by three times, reaching 70,000 people and 200,000 people for the Flora Exposition.

Director General Sheng-Shan Chen of the Tourism Bureau noted, the Government has been working for visa exemptions for Thai tourists, which resulted in an increase of Thai tourists visiting Taiwan. However, the tourists mainly stopped in Taipei only, making central Taiwan a big opportunity for growth. With this in mind, Taichung City wanted to take the initiative, working with Taichung International Tourism Association, Tourism Association and the Tourism Hotel Association along with other Hotel industry partners, Dongshi and Wufeng Farmer’s Association to form a delegation consisting close to 30 people to promote the 2018 Taichung Flora Expo, attract major tourism associations in Bangkok. The promotion also attracted airline businesses, media corporations, bloggers and other tourism industry workers reaching 130 people.

Director General Chen noted, tourists from Thailand reached 190,000 people last year and the government hoped to grow that number to 350,000 people. The City Government hopes that the Taichung International Flora Expo next year will help stimulate growth. During this visit, the delegation also visited NokScoot, Thai Lion Air and Vietjet to discuss increasing direct flights and to work with industry businesses for a “Taichung in, Taichung out” tourism solution. The delegation also invited more south eastern nations to participate in the Flora Expo and to also enjoy Taichung’s cuisine, beauty industry and thriving culture along with the city’s special cycling theme attraction.

Director General Chen also noted, this trip resulted in the signing of two separate MOU’s between the Taichung City Government and the ATTA, TTAA to work towards a closer cooperation between Thailand and central Taiwan’s tourism industries, and the city government hoped to use central Taiwan’s 7 million population and other tourism resources to attract more visitors for the Taichung International Flora Expo and Taichung City.

Director Huang of the ATTA said that with it’s 1500 membership, the association is an industry leader in the Thai tourism industry, he hopes to strengthen ties between Thailand’s tourism industry and central Taiwan’s businesses, provide information for both sides.

Director Suparek Soorangura of TTAA also noted, as the average income of the Thai people rises, overseas tourism will also grow exponentially, Taichung City’s active promotion in Thailand is a good opportunity, and he believes that the International Flora Expo will gain interest amongst Thai tourists. He hopes the city government will share more information about the Expo to help Thai tourism industries plan in advance.

Besides this, the City Government tourism delegation also visited 「Jeng Hao Tourism Group」, one of the three biggest tourism companies, CEO Pei-Shan Hsu remarked that visa exempt was a big driver for Thai tourism in Taiwan, and the company would start planning it’s plans for Taichung, providing plans that cover both cuisine and excitement.

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