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Date 2017/03/31 14:27
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Must-eat Taichung foods
Delicious,new tastes are some of the most unforgettable travel memories.
A diverse and distinctive food culture has developed from Taichung’s prosperous downtown scenes and simple settlements, with exquisite banquets, night market snacks, cafes with a cultural air, scenic restaurants, and much more.
In Taichung, you will surely find a dish that will satisfy you and leave you with fond memories.
Take a weekend or holiday trip with family or friends to taste what this food paradise has to offer.

Sun cakes
Taichung’s sun cakes are renowned far and wide, and they are a highly popular gift. The multi-layer outer crust and the sweet but not sickly maltose syrup filling leave a pleasant and lingering aftertaste.
Thick noodle soup
This is one of the city’s most distinctive dishes. Smooth thick noodles, topped with fried garlic, shrimp, Chinese leek, and dried radish compliment a thick soup; the simple aroma and unique salty taste makes this dish a popular choice.
Stinky tofu
Stinky tofu is popular throughout Taiwan. The tofu is deep fried until crispy and golden brown on the outside; yet when you take a bite, you will discover the inside is soft. Served with local pickled vegetables, this is a classic dish that you must try when you visit Taichung.
Bubble tea (pearl milk tea)
It would be a shame for any visitor to Taichung to miss this classic drink! The creamy fragrant tea and chewy pearls are a perfect match and provide enjoyment to the last drop.
Spicy hot pot
Taichung has a number of famous spicy hotpot restaurants. Every ingredient you put in soaks up the flavor of these thick, house-special, spicy soups. With various styles of spicy flavor and a pleasantly mouth-numbing taste, spicy food lovers are in for a treat.
Dajia taro
Dajia, Taichung is a renowned taro growing area, and its taros are soft and smooth in texture. Desserts made using local taro are dearly loved. Taro shortbread, shaved ice with taro balls, and taro in syrup are all distinctive and must-try desserts
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