Introduction to the Waipu Park Area

Date 2016/10/11 17:50
Update Time 2017/07/24 03:30
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The animation of the Waipu Park is a simulation video produced for demonstration only

Waipu Park Area
Theme: The Flower and Produce Village
Feature: Production – Nature – Sharing with Nature
Exhibition Halls: Green Pavilion, Nature House
Area: 14.32 hectares
Waipu is blessed with its unique geographical and climate advantages, making it possible for the area to cultivate a variety of fruits and crops, with bountiful harvests in different seasons. Fruits (including ponkan, honey tangerine, lychee, sand pear, dragon fruit, grapes and so forth) and flowers (such as dancing-doll orchid, flamingo flower, lily and etc.) cultivated in Waipu are renowned for their quality and exported to all around the world. Incidentally, the area is also the home of the renowned “Moscato Oro Vino Fortificato NV” wine that has won the International Wine Challenge in 2015 and became the designated wine served during President Tsai Ing-Wen’s inauguration ceremony.
This exhibition area will feature agriculture 4.0 technologies that will be applied to the development of smart agriculture in response to the goal of the Taichung Flora Expo to develop quality agriculture, with an emphasis on safe food, organic and toxin-free ingredients and traceability to convey the concepts of “slow food” and “slow living”.

The Waipu Park Area is designed to present the very roots of agriculture by redefining five new agricultural values: “Farmers”, “Agriculture”, “Countryside”, “Agricultural Products” and “Processed Agricultural Products” and guiding visitors in the process of learning for the culture of “farming” and “food”. In addition, the park also showcases a new value chain for agriculture that begins with the development of cultivars to production, processing and to arrive at packaging and distribution. Waipu Park primarily features recreational agricultural experience and natural environment education with two permanent exhibition halls: 1. The Nature House and 2. Green Pavilion.

In conjunction with the theme of “Discovering GNP: A pleasant city of flowers and nature” for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo (refer to the illustration of connections between Waipu Park and themes of the Taichung World Flora Expo as shown below), the design of the park area has incorporated concepts and measures of 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) and 3G (green building, green energy and green transportation) as its starting point, coupled with low impact development (LID) principles to mitigate the impact to environment caused by site development. The park will include areas including Flower of Life and Vine Tree, Flower Castle Exhibition Area, the Green Pavilion, the Nature House, Aqueduct Hydroponics Area, Administration Center, Amphitheatre and so forth. Refer to the park layout diagram for more details.

Illustration of connections between Waipu Park and themes of the Taichung World Flora Expo
Most facilities at the park will be preserved at the end of the Flora Expo in order to facilitate the joint-development of ecological agriculture by adopting a circulatory ecological model and a variety of technological applications. Through inter-industrial collaboration and development along with horizontal alliance and professional guidance, we will endeavor to connect existing agricultural product value chains and make effective use of the abundant resources of existing farms such as special products, experiences, knowledge and traditional cultures in the hopes of achieving a composite operating model with educational values for the expansion of agricultural food product/by-product industry and tourism industry through the Waipu Park Area.

Park Layout Diagram
Park Image
No. 92, Liufen Rd, Waipu District,Taichung City, 438
Corporate Participation
Corporate Participation