Introduction to the Houli Forest Park Area

Date 2016/10/11 14:57
Update Time 2017/05/10 14:59
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The animation of the Forest Park is a simulation video produced for demonstration only

Coming to the forest park, where army barracks used to reside, you will find aged old trees the Taichung City government took the initiative to preserve. In collaboration with the local forestry, "the Big Tree Community" will be created, making it a forest park for all to sooth their restless minds.
The “Forest Park” used to be a barracks area for the Houli 586 armored army brigade, totaling 15.18 hectares. After paid usage by the city government, it was planned as one of the venues for the Flora Expo. The park boasts abundant wood resources which will be well organized to preserve large amounts of tree groups. With the principle of creating a natural co-existence, it conforms to forest cycles as a concept of development for the public to feel a Flora Expo rich in “Forest Garden” atmosphere. The overall spatial concept of the forest will be utilizing “Flower of life, village of forest” to exemplify the connotation of the Flora Expo.

The naturally formed bridge is preserved, with shrubs as the premise to display landscape diversification of local greeneries, express the vitality of floras and exhibiting the Ecosystem village theme of Taiwan. Thirty international gardens will be exhibited in this local landscape of Taiwan, which also holds the Flower of Life International Ecosystem Village interactive area. The park combines the history of Houli Ranch, cultural sites and Taichung flora industry to reflect interaction between the industry environment with culture and arts. Two temporary exhibition halls are included, the 1. Explorer Pavilion (Tourist center) and 2. Discovery Pavilion.

Layout of the Houli Forest Park Area
NO.3,Lane 38,Sishan Road,Houli District, Taichung City, 438
Corporate Participation
Corporate Participation