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In order to alleviate the transportation crowd during the Floral Expo, Houli station has set up an eastern exit

Date 2017/06/23 09:36
Update Time 2017/07/11 02:18
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The International Floral Expo will begin next year. In order to allow citizens passage to the Houli exhibition, Taichung City Government will subsidize the Taiwan railway fund to set up an eastern exit in Houli railway station, not only to alleviate the crowds, but also to boost local development. The transportation bureau stated that constructions have started in May and will be completed in May of 2018. The city government is also looking to coordinate train schedules and consider adding additional trains to work hand in hand with the Floral Expo.

Director General Wang Yi-Chuan of the transportation bureau stated that with the approaching 2018 International Floral Expo, railway transportation will be the main transportion choice for citizens. Due to the fact that Houli station does not have an eastern entrance/exit, the city government and the railway services decided to add an eastern entrance/exit in order to alleviate the crowds and also balance the development of both the eastern and western area.

Director General Wang stated, the city government plans to demolish the veteran village on the east side in order to create space for the transportation station for buses during the Floral Expo. This will not only make it more convenient for citizens to reach the railway, it will also hasten the traveling time and provide a low emission environmental solution.

Houli station is currently a level 3 station mainly serving shuttle trains. It currently has two platforms connected by underground walkways. The eastern station consists of a ticketing booth, the main lobby, restrooms, automatic ticketing services and an automatic door and disabled friendly elevator. It also extends the original overpass and underground pathway and will set up a rain proof walkway to the transportation station.

The transportation bureau noted, the 2018 International Floral Expo will use “Discover GNP” as its main concept. G stands for green environment, N representing natural production and P for humanism in life. The Houli stable and forest park, Fengyuan Huludunpark and Waipu Yungfeng area will be the three main exhibition sites, totaling 60.88 Hectares. There will be 6 exhibition and the Expo will open in November, 2018.
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Corporate Participation