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Eye-Catching Leopard Cats Family Debut as Taichung World Flora Expo Mascots

Date 2017/06/13 14:36
Update Time 2017/06/14 06:59
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The 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo will be held at Houli, Fengyuan and Waipu districts. Taichung City Government reveal the mascots today (13th). An adorable family of 4 Leopard Cats and their neighbor, Omi horse, made their debuts at the City Government. They have distinct personalities, features and Flora Expo background stories. A “Home of Leopard Cats” fun house was setup at the Taiwan Boulevard City Hall, in hope to spread the environmental-protection message to more people. Mayor Lin stated that there will be a series of events following the announcement of Leopard Cats was made. Besides the “Home of Leopard Cats” fun house, 16 cute Leopard Cats stickers will be available on LINE by the end of June. He welcomes everyone to the World Flora Expo and the beautiful garden city of Taichung.

Mayor Lin along with legislator Hong Ci- Yong and City Councilor Qiu Su-Zhen attended the “2018 Taichung World Flora Expo Mascot Presentation Ceremony”. Deputy Secretary Guo Kun-Ming, Director of Information Bureau Cho Guan-Ting, Director of Agriculture Zhu Jun-Xiong, Director of Civil Affairs Cai Shi-Yin, Director of Tourism Chen Sheng-Shan, Labor Bureau Director Huang He-Ting, Chairman of the Indigenous Ethnic Affairs Committee Ma Yao-Gu and other people attended the ceremony. City Councilor Cai Ya-Ling, Zheng Gongjin and Chen Zheng-Xian from the councilor representatives, head of the Paper Windmill cultural and educational foundation Ren Jian-Cheng, Paper Windmill troupe performance office director Zou Yi-Zhong, animation director Chen Min-Yu also joined the festival. The event was also streamed live on the “2018 Taichung World Flora Expo” Facebook page. The atmosphere was amazing.

Mayor Lin stated, the choice of the “Leopard Cat” and “Horse” as the mascots for the Taichung Flora Expo symbolizes the city’s spirit for environmental protection and sustainable development. He also explained that the choice of the “Leopard Cat” in particular was made because the City Government found traces of the endangered species in Hou-Li and decided to use the opportunity to further push the agenda of preservation, shrinking the exhibition area for Hou-Li for the leopard cat and adding the Wai-Pu and Feng-Yuan sections to form the latest exhibition area, combining elements from environmental, industrial and daily life to show the spirit of GNP (Green, Nature and People). This move has received great international recognition, with the AIPH changing the name of “Taichung International Flora Expo” to “Taichung World Flora Expo”, showing the importance of the event.

Besides the Leopard Cat, Hou-Li’s stable also presents an environmental preservation challenge. Mayor Lin remarked, because the Hou-Li stable has a 100 year history, the City Government decided to add historical elements into the Expo. Different from other international expos where the site is often planned in empty areas, Taichung Flora Expo has decided to use sites that represent local specialties, combining the stable and other areas into the Expo site. The local saxophone design was also used in the overall design of the horse mascot the “Omi Horse. This design, along with the expo will show the sustained value of Hou-Li. The Hou-Li stable is not only for preservation, it is also designated to become the largest competitive equestrian range. Wai-Pu Park will also be planned as an international agricultural innovation park, and Feng-Yuan Park will become a pastries museum. The transportation system developed for the Flora Expo will also upgrade transportation and tourist systems.

He hopes everyone can listen to the “Sound of blossom” by attending the event and feels the idea conveyed by the Flora Expo. He invited friends from around world to join the Flora Expo. Taichung Flora Expo is unique for it demonstrates the characteristics of ecological conservation and cultural preservation. We choose leopard cat and horse to represent the spirit of the event. We appreciate the help of Paper Windmill Theatre and other parties and hoping that the activities in the future go well.

Director of Information Bureau Mr. Cho says that the mascot of Taichung Flora Expo is designed by the animation director Mr. Chen MinYu, who is also known as “Taiwan Miyazaki Hayao”. Among the leopard cat family, father Leopard cat is an almighty farmer who loves the exploration of plant science and often helps with the difficulties about plants and animals. Mather leopard cat is a talented pastry chef who loves to invent new tastes of cake. Father Leopard cat loves her special dish “Taichung Cake”. Mather leopard cat is the smartest member in the family and she will always ask the right question at the right time.

The brother and sister leopard cat “Love” and “Life” are the treasure of the household. The sister, “Love” is energetic, and an opinionated small adult, always creating her own imaginative world. She also takes her brother on frequent adventures. The brother “Life” is filled with curiosity for the world, always asking questions about the world. He loves flowers and fruits, and also enjoys the adventures with his sister.

Next to the leopard cat is the “Omi Horse”, he raises bees for living, and enjoys helping fruit farmers pollinate their fruit trees. In his leisure time, he plays the saxophone alone in his yard, the music always has a bit of nostalgia in it. He also shares his knowledge about how the universe works with young kids.

The Information bureau stated that after announcing the mascot for the Flora Expo, they are planning to release its LINE stickers at the end of June. There will be different motions and adorable facial expressions of the Leopard cat family and Omi Horse. The stickers show the daily lives of the mascots, including the angry face of mother Leopard cat and even an amusing exclusive sticker of the Omi Horse using the toilet will be presented, the line sticker download information will be announced later both on the Flora Expo website ( and Facebook fan page.
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