Date 2017/03/31 14:27
Update Time 2017/05/24 08:30
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Overview of Taichung Industrial Park
item Park Region Area(hectares) Status
Industrial Parks 1.Precision Technology Park Phase 1 124.79 Operated
2.Precision Technology Park Phase 2 36.92
3.Feng Chou High-Tech Industrial Park Phase 1 47.63
4.Tai Ping Industrial Park 14.37 Under Planning
5.Tanzi Juxing Industrial Park 14.76
6.Feng Chou High-Tech Industrial Park Phase 2 55.41
Software 7.Taichung Software Park 4.96 Under Development
Biotechnology 8.Fengfu Biotechnology Park 12.52
Commerce and Trade 9.Shuinan Economic and Commercial Zone 254
Corporate Participation
Corporate Participation