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32 Medium and Large Scaled Sand Sculptures + Rock Music Festival - 7/1 Da-An Sand Sculpture Rock Festival Will Blow Your Mind!

Date 2017/06/28 09:47
Update Time 2017/07/11 02:15
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The hottest music festival in Taichung this summer,”2017 Da-An Sand Sculpture Music Festival”, will have its grand opening on July 1st at Ta-An Bathing Beach. The band 831, Elvis Tian, Miu Zhu and the band TRASH will be kicking off for the event. Director of the Taichung City Government Bureau Chen Sheng-Shan stated that the theme of this year’s sand sculpture corresponds to the slogan of the Taichung World Flora Expo, “Hearing the sound of blossom”. The 32 mid-to-large sized sand sculptures surmounted past events in terms of quantity and the energetic “Rock Da-An” will let everyone feel the summer vibe.

Taichung City Government held the publicity press conference for the “2017 Da-An Sand Sculpture Music Festival” today (28th). Director of the Tourism Bureau Chen Sheng-Shan, Da-An district executive Zhou Xiu-Ru, Wai-Pu district executive Zhuo Yiu-Teng, city councilor We Min-Ji, Weng Mei-Chun and local Chiefs of Villages co-hosted the opening event.

Director Chen of the Tourism Bureau pointed out that this year is a breakthrough as it incorporated the 5 major themes of Taichung World Flora Expo, Taichung City Image, local industries, ecological conservation and ocean care in the 22 large-scaled sand sculpture designs. The entrance figure was the slogan of the Taichung World Flora Expo” Hearing the sound of blossom”

Furthermore, international sand sculpture artists from Japan, South Korea and Malaysia will join the 20-men crew lead by the one of the nation’s elites, Chen Kun-Tian, to showcase exquisite sand sculpture craftsmanship.

Director Chen said that continuation of the “Rock Da-An” will provide a platform for creators to perform. The summer rock festival will take place under the sunshine and beautiful sea shore as the music flows through the air, creating a rock paradise of central Taiwan in Da-An.

Director Chen also invites the general public to the opening ceremony at July 1st. Popular bands and signers like 831, Elvis Tian, Miu Zhu and the band TRASH will kick off the event at 7 PM that night. Participating the event will give you a chance to bring home iPhones, Asus Tablet PC, bicycles and other awesome prizes.

Moreover, there will be different events including beach volleyball, creative sand sculpture contest, photography competitions and “Rock Da-An” band contest. Sea line Farmers’ Association and Taichung Fisherman's Association will also showcase various high quality agricultural products.

Director Chen also reminded the public to utilize the shuttle buses to Da-An in order to avoid traffic. The shuttle bus starts at Dajia Station and follows Wenwu Road, Da’angang Rd to the event venue. For more information on bus schedule, routes, stops and temporary parking lots, visit Taichung Travel Net at
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Corporate Participation