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2018 International Flora Expo in Taichung Houli Sky Walkway and Huama Walkway sensual pleasures

Date 2017/07/24 11:30
Update Time 2017/08/03 03:46
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In preparation for the International Flora Expo, Houli, Waipu and Fengyuan have been undergoing numerous constructions. Specifically, the Houli “Sky Walkway and Huama Walkway” creates a visual and taste sensation, the construction is currently ahead of schedule and will be completed next June, connecting the forest area and the stable. During the exhibition, the walkway will be used as the main pedestrian walkway. After the exhibition, it will be used as a path for both pedestrians and cyclists, implementing the idea of sustainability and promoting tourism.

The Economic Affairs Bureau noted, the Huama Walkway connects the Houli station and Houli stable from south to north, approximately 1.2 kilometers. Taiwan bred Rhododendron are planted in between, along with shrub and other ground covering plants. In the rest stops on the walkway, Begonia, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Garden Croton are planted, creating a sense of blooming nature.

Furthermore, the east side of the Houli Iron Horse Path’s “Flower Walkway” is famous for it’s Begonia and Wulai Begonia, Western Begonia, this will allow citizens to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by flowers.

The Economic Affairs Bureau noted, the “Sky Walkway” connects with the Huama Walkway, serving as the connection from east to west for pedestrians into the forest area, reaching about 124 meters. Because both sides are surrounded by high fences and exposed to sunlight, the plants designed for this area are meant to survive under drought, with pineapples, and other edible plants. Scandent Schefflera, Garden Croton, Coleus, Pineapples.

Furthermore, the design for plants on the Sky Walkway also utilizes beautiful Garcinia multiflora and other formed trees, along with other flowers. The complete design is meant to allow tourists not only to have a sensual pleasure, but also a sensation for the taste.

The Economic Affairs Bureau noted, the Sky walkway and Huama Walkway will serve as a pedestrian path during the exhibition, and will be upgraded for the use of both pedestrians and cyclists, to boost tourism. The construction is currently ahead of schedule and will finish next June.

After it’s construction, tourists can get off at the Houli station transit point, take the pathway to look at the leaves, fruits and other plants, the diverse plants will allow them to experience a blooming sensual pleasure.

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