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  • Q1 What is the duration of the Taichung World Flora Exposition?
  • Q2 What are the opening hours of the Taichung World Flora Exposition?
  • Q3 What is the theme of the Flora Expo?
  • Q4 Where is the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition? What activities are available at the respective park area?
  • Q5 What are the main pavilions of Taichung World Flora Exposition?
  • Q6 What is the difference between domestic/foreign exhibition curating and exhibition participation?
  • Q7 How can businesses become involved as partners?
  • Q8 What cultural and art performance activities will be held during the flora exhibition?
  • Q9 Are there shuttle buses and stations at various Flora Expo park areas?
  • Q10 What measures are implemented in terms of vehicle and pedestrian traffic management?
  • Q11 What measures have been taken for 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition in relation to fire, medical and security services?
  • Q12 What are the benefits of the Flora Expo?
Corporate Participation
Corporate Participation